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New conservation herd manager

By October 23, 2020November 3rd, 2020Blog, Conservation Herd

New conservation herd manager

La Société’s Conservation Herd has found its new manager in Dave Bartram.
Dave has a long history of volunteering in the environmental sector, and has assisted with the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers (GCV) for the last 23 years. Julia Henney who was a previous member of GCV was delighted when she was approached by Dave for more information.
The Herd which is owned by La Société Guernesiaise can be found in different parts of the Island and are currently grazing a wet meadow off Gele Road, Castel.
In his years volunteering for GCV Dave has a keen interest in helping manage the island’s nature reserves and coastal grasslands and using the herd is just another land management tool albeit a little different to using sickles, loppers and rakes.
In the past 6 years under the management of Julia the grazing of the Herd has encouraged the spread of rare flowers such as Deptford pink and musk thistle, rare butterflies such as the brown argus, and supported populations of bee orchids and pyramidal orchids and Dave hopes this will continue.
Coming from working in Finance Dave has a history of managing people and has experience of co-ordinating volunteers, updating social media and websites but one of his biggest areas to learn is managing large animals. He has a large group of people behind him and the herd always willing to offer hands on advice and guidance.
Dave says he is looking forward to the challenge and is already beginning to master the ability to reverse a Landover with a trailer full of steers.

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Picture with kind permission by the Guernsey Press