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Marine Biology

The Marine Biology Section is a small group of enthusiastic individuals who have an interest in the marine life of Guernsey.

We are involved, and plan to become more involved, in a number of projects and activities relating to Guernsey, and the Channel Islands. Indoor meetings are held in the Candie office in winter and shore excursions are also undertaken. There is much of Guernsey’s marine life still to be investigated and help from anyone interested would be appreciated. Please ask the Section Secretary for more details.

The Cetacean Section of La Société has been incorporated into the Marine Biology Section, and we will be running a marine mammal sighting programme alongside La Société Jersiaise. Contacts for this project are Laura (marinebiology@societe.org.gg), or the Guernsey Biological Records Centre (gsybiorec@cwgsy.net).

For more information on the section, or the events running this year, please visit the La Société Facebook page, or contact Laura.

Contact the Marine Biology section

Section Secretary
Laura Bampton

07839 214495

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