Environmental Services Guernsey

Guernsey Environmental Services Ltd (trading as Environment Guernsey Ltd) is the wholly owned environmental consultancy and environmental management company of La Société Guernesiaise. It undertakes contract work for La Société, States of Guernsey, National Trust of Guernsey, property developers, private landowners and other firms and individuals.

Current contracts include maintaining the West Coast path system for the States of Guernsey, running the Guernsey Biological Records Centre – a partnership between the States of Guernsey and La Société Guernesiaise, managing L’Ancresse Common, and providing the warden and maintaining the paths of the Millennium Walk at St Saviour’s Reservoir.

It is responsible for the maintenance of the island’s green lane network, many States-owned streams and douits, and several heritage sites. It also provides a wide range of consultancy services such as ecological surveys and environmental impact assessments for numerous projects and gives advice to landowners on aspects such as tree planting, wildflower meadows, encouraging and supporting local wildlife and other land management issue


Guernsey Environmental Services Ltd
1 Trinity House Cottages
Rue Du Portelet

Email: jamie.hooper@cwgsy.net
Tel: 07781 166924


Guernsey Biological Records Centre
Raymond Falla House, Burnt Lane,        St Martin, GY1 6AF

Email: gsybiorec@cwgsy.net
Tel: 01481 233571