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The Botany Section of La Société Guernesiaise is an active group of some 60 members some of whom live overseas. The latter also receive our monthly newsletter and join our meetings when they are on the island. Regular outdoor meetings are held once a month except for indoor sessions in January and February. Everyone is welcome to attend and we appreciate input on other areas of interest that members can contribute.

The monthly newsletter contains a report of the previous meeting, including the names of plants we saw and other points of interest, as well as notable records of botanical finds, details of forthcoming meetings, important dates etc.

The Section as a whole collects all Bailiwick records for plants, and participates in all important national surveys, providing information to the Botanical Society of the British Isles, the Wild Flower SocietyPlantlife, and to many individuals, be they professionals, amateurs or visitors. We also maintain a large herbarium of dried plant specimens, some of which are over 200 years old, the most recent added a few weeks ago. This collection can be available to anyone for study purposes.

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The aim of the outings is to explore the rich variety of habitats that the island offers so we can enjoy botany and its associated wildlife. We study trees and lower plants as well as our familiar native wild flowers. We may see rarities as well as the many alien plants that have settled here. One thing is for certain, there is always plenty to see!

New Members welcome. Subscriptions are £4, for which you will receive a monthly newsletter, by post or e-mail, kindly state your preference. Cheques made payable to Soc. Guernesiaise Botany Section should be sent with your details to Dave Christopher, La Societe, Candie Gardens, GY1 1UG. If you attend regularly please ensure you are also a member of La Société Guernesiaise.

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