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Associated Groups

Affiliated Groups

Alderney Wildlife Trust
Roland Gauvain
01481 822935
Blue Dolphin Sub Aqua Club
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey)
Liz Boxall
Friends of the Priaulx Library
Jenny Tasker
Guernsey Biological Records Centre
Liz Sweet
01481 220365
Guernsey Conservation Volunteers
Angela Salmon
01481 721163
Steve Byrne
01481 257261
La Societe Serquiaise
Jo Birch
01481 832788
Plant Heritage (Guernsey Group)
Tattie Thompson
01481 239444
Lé Coumité d'la Culture Guernésiaise
Dr Harry Tomlinson
01481 255891
Guernsey Trees for Life
Andy McCutcheon
07781 110180
Guernsey Meteorological Observatory
Martin Crozier
01481 237766
Roy Bisson
07781 100296
The Guernsey Botanical Trust
Cathy Morgan
07911 732912
The Alderney Society and Museum
Karen Hill
01481 823222
The Guernsey Society
Michael Paul
01481 253858
Le Cercle Français
Geoff Mahy
01481 263029
The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society
Roy Bisson
07781 100296
The Guernsey Beekeepers’ Association
Damian Harris
07911 721785

Office opening hours

Our office at Candie Gardens is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10:00-11:30am.