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Each year the Societe publishes its annual report, accounts and a series of articles of local interest. Papers are welcome – please contact the editor for further details

We have spare copies of the Transactions as far back as 1904. Prices vary due to age/scarcity. Kindly e-mail for details and postal costs – payment can then be made via the Donations page on the website. Owing to the labour intensity of copying, no copying of articles will be undertaken if we have spare copies of the Transaction for sale. Articles from the scarcer Transactions can be photocopied in black and white for 50p a page plus postage.

We give members the option to receive the Transactions in an electronic form. For those who have indicated they would like this option, please click on the download button.

Download the latest Transactions


Take a look at the Transaction List here.

Please note: This downloads an Excel file of lists of papers which have appeared in the Transactions. 

The Transactions list in chronological order may also be opened as a PDF file.