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Founded in 1972, it is now an active group of about 60 members, and welcomes anyone with an interest in astronomy, whether beginner or expert.

The Section has a fully equipped Observatory, with advanced instruments, including a computerised 16-inch Meade reflector, and a 5-inch Takahashi refractor.


Informal meetings are held every Tuesday evening, 8pm, at the Observatory at Rue du Lorier, St Pierre du Bois. Members observe with the telescopes if it is clear, and informal discussions are organised most weeks should there be cloudy skies.

For more details about the Section and its activities, please visit the Astronomy Section’s own website.

Members have many interests, including: the planets, comets, deep sky objects e.g. galaxies and nebulae, double stars, celestial mechanics, computers, photography and imaging. Many are relative beginners, ready to learn from others.

If you have the slightest interest in Astronomy then the Astronomy Section is for you!

The Section is a member of the British Astronomical Association, and the Federation of Astronomical Societies.

Other activities
The Section is consulted from time to time on matters such as sundials, and was closely involved in the design of the Guernsey Liberation Monument. In August 1999 the Section was involved in the organisation of the Royal Astronomical Society’s National Astronomy Meeting (NAM99), which was held in Guernsey. The Section was also heavily involved in arrangements for observations of the total eclipse of the Sun in Alderney, on 11 August 1999.

Section members are happy to advise on the acquisition of telescopes and binoculars for astronomical observing, and to advise on their use.

Astronomy Section Contacts

Sections of La Société Guernesiaise are led by Section Secretaries. The Astronomy Section Officers are:

Position Contact Email / Telephone number
Section Secretary Jean Dean
Honorary Treasurer    
Membership Anthony Nel
Group Visits
Newsletter Editor
Tom Harvey
Equipment Office
Allan Phillips
Website / IT Owain Catton  
  Observatory 264252

The header image shows: The Horsehead Nebula, a small dark nebula in the contellation Orion. Picture by Jean M Dean

Contact the Astronomy section

Section Secretary
Jean Dean


Email the Astronomy SectionVisit the Astronomy Section Website

Membership of the Astronomy Section

The Section’s Newsletter, Sagittarius, containing news and articles on astronomical subjects, is published annually. Members can use the Section’s telescopes, after training. Members can also borrow books, magazines and videos from the Section’s astronomical library.

How to join
Please come along to one or two meetings as a guest or contact Section Secretary or one of the other officers below. Should you decide to become a member you will first need to join La Société Guernesiaise. The additional subscription for the Astronomy Section is available on the joining page.

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