Guernsey Seasearch

Seasearch is a citizen science project developed by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) in the UK. Guernsey Seasearch is a La Société project in association with the Guernsey Biodiversity Partnership and Seasearch in the UK.

The aim of Seasearch nationally is to gather information on seabed habitats and associated marine wildlife through the participation of volunteer divers and snorkellers, directed and advised by experts. In addition to this, the aim of Guernsey Seasearch is also to better inform the Biodiversity Strategy so that the knowledge is available to direct various management and conservation work streams within the identified Strategy priorities, and to gather data within local Ramsar Sites in order to enable baselines and Limits of Acceptable Change to be set.


This project enables the collection of quality local marine data in a format comparable to the UK, whilst also educating and qualifying local individuals to take part in the project and learn more about local marine conservation. It allows for the collection of data where little data exists, where there is conservation need or to build on previous data collections.

Courses, presentations, and other events are organised by the Guernsey Seasearch Team.  Please email for more information.