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Update on fly-tipping in Pleinmont bunker

La Société is pleased to report that the fly-tipping which had accumulated in a bunker at Pleinmont has been removed.

Fly-tipping at this location has been a problem for several years and La Societe was faced with the issue of dealing with it when it purchased the land and took over responsibility for the bunker.

Following the public appeal for help, LSG were contacted by a number of people offering their assistance on behalf of their business or club.

One of the more problematic aspects of the dumped items was dozens of discarded tyres which would have potentially cost the charity several hundred pounds to dispose of. Both Target Auto Parts and Sarnia Autos were quick to offer to take the tyres free of charge if we could drop them off. 

LSG was also contacted by the Guernsey Rally team who offered to undertake the site clearance, load the items into their own vehicles and then dispose of them. Subsequently on Saturday 18 March, the group cleared the site within a couple of hours, with the help of West Coast Service Centre.

During the clear-up, the team also found an amount of discarded asbestos. As a result the bunker had to be taped off for a few days until this material could be collected by ASR. It was subsequently removed earlier this week (at a reduced rate). This completed the bunker clearance operation.

One of the main aims of LSG is to preserve green spaces, rare habitats and associated wildlife on its nature reserves. The support of the wider community as we pursue this goal is most welcome. LSG are therefore very grateful to the Guernsey Rally team and to the four local companies – Target Auto Parts, West Coast Service Centre, Sarnia Autos and ASR which came to our aid. 

Conservation Officer (Jamie Hooper) said, ‘La Societe can only look after its network of nature reserves with the support of its members, the general public and local businesses. Following on from improvements to the parking area at our Rue Des Bergers Nature Reserve, provided by Ronez in 2022, we are, once again, very grateful to everyone who has helped us at Pleinmont.’ 

La Societe Guernesiaise President (Trevor Bourgaize) said, ‘We were delighted with the numerous offers of help we received and it is great to see the bunker cleaned out and made safe. We would like to thank everyone who was involved, including the Guernsey Rally team, Target, Sarnia Autos and ASR.’