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Transcribing Old Headstones

The Family History Group has been a Section of La Société Guernesiaise since 1987 and over that time it has taken on the task of transcribing old headstones in the Parish Church Cemeteries, including Le Foulon, Brethren in the Green Lanes and the German cemetery at Fort George.  We have a group of people who help with the transcribing of the stones and the planning out of the area to help as a guide to the location of the graves.

Some of the old cemeteries do not have plans for the burials, so trying to find a grave with headstones that are now unreadable is a hard task, so this is where Family History can help.

Over the last year it has been recognised by the Rectors and Funeral Directors as a helpful source enabling them to find a grave that has a headstone but where the inscription is indecipherable due to its age and the fading of the lettering. When a new burial needs to take place in a family grave the old grave can now be easily located.

If Family History had not taken on this task, a lot of information would have been be lost forever. We are proud to have been recognised for the hard work we do and our ability to help others.