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Success for Societe groups in ‘Power to the People’ funding

By March 11, 2021Blog

Two areas to receive funding from Guernsey Electricity

Four local charities, groups and organisations have been chosen as recipients of Guernsey Electricity’s first Power to the People Fund, with La Societe’s Education Officers and Bat Section being two of the successful applicants.

The fund, which was launched in November 2020, has been developed for individuals and charity organisations wishing to engage in projects that benefit the environment and local community. Guernsey Electricity are donating a total of £6,000 twice a year to projects that are aligned with their four pillars of  2020-2025 Environmental Sustainability Strategy which in turn contribute towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In total, 17 separate submissions were made with the Clean Earth Trust, Lihou Charitable Trust and La Société Guernesiaise’s bat section and its education officers all successful in their bids for funding. 

La Société Guernesiaise’s Bat Section will utilise its £2,000 donation to purchase bat boxes to put up around the island and also bat detectors for use on its regular bat walks which are open to the public.  Education officers at La Société have received £1,000 to go towards equipment as part of its schools’ workshops, which focuses on educating students on biodiversity and nature.  

Full article can be found at on Guernsey Electricity’s website.