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Conservation Herd seeks new manager

By February 7, 2020March 16th, 2020Blog, Conservation Herd, Conservation Herd, Vacancies

La Société Guernesiaise are looking for a new manager for their Conservation Herd as Julia Henney, founder and manager of the Herd is stepping down.

Julia created the herd in 2014 in response to statistics demonstrating the local decline of the species rich grasslands. It began in February that year with the birth of the founding member Charles, who was joined three weeks later by David. Two steers named in recognition of Dr Charles David, former President of La Société Guernesiaise who was an advocate of the need for conservation grazing in the island.

Over the past six years the Herd has grown from strength to strength. Now up to eight steers can be seen grazing prominent sites such as L’Ancresse Common and the Bridget Ozanne Orchid Meadows at Rocquaine Bay.

Their grazing has encouraged the spread of rare flowers such as Deptford pink and musk thistle, rare butterflies such as the brown argus, and has supported populations of bee orchids and pyramidal orchids. Whilst the return of grazing to historic sites has reinstated a cultural tradition and delighted both locals and visitors.

Julia Henney took the decision to stand down as Herd managed earlier this year.

“Resigning as Herd Manager was a difficult decision to make – the last six years have given me some of the most incredible experiences and I have been fortunate to work with lots of wonderful people. Since starting the herd I have moved to a full time job and find I no longer have the time to dedicate to the herd and, after six years, I believe it is time for new leadership. I am sure that the next person who takes on management of the herd will be able to shape and develop the herd to meet the conservation challenges the island faces,” she said.

This voluntary role would suit someone who works part-time or flexible hours, but would also be suitable as a job share between two or more people.

The ideal candidate(s) will have experience of working with large animals and a practical attitude. A category BE driving licence would be desirable, but funding may be provided to the successful candidate to obtain this licence if required.

For more information about this role please download the job description or contact Julia Henney .  Applications for this role should be received before 28th February 2020.