Applicants to complete this form and submit it online together with your personal statement or email to Closing Date 31 May in year of application.

Along with your application form, please supply a personal statement covering: What aspects of nature and conservation you are interested in. What activities related to the study and conservation of nature and the environment you have been involved in. How your course and/or research relate to your interest in nature and conservation. How you intend to use the bursary to support your study/research. Your plans for the future in respect of the study and conservation of the natural environment. Applications will be considered according to how they have addressed all the points outlined above in their personal statement. Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate knowledge on Guernsey’s natural environment and involvement with Guernsey’s environmental sector.

I, (INSERT FULL NAME), the Data Subject, hereby consent to La Société Guernesiaise or its affiliates holding and processing my personal data. I understand my personal data may be shared with other parties only when lawfully required to do so and where the other party adheres to similar principles and the data is necessary for the purposes of providing agreed services.