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Please note: it is regretted that the Historic Buildings Section are presently unable to receive or respond to e-mail requests. All enquiries should be sent by post to the address below.


Historic Buildings

The aims of the section are as follows:
  • To understand and study all our built heritage, parish churches, castles, and houses, but in particular the vernacular buildings of the period 1100-1800;

  • To examine their siting, methods of construction and plan-forms, relating these to their social context and noting alterations and developments over the centuries;

  • To record all such buildings as opportunity allows, especially those that are under threat from redevelopment or decay; those where current building work allows features of historic interest to be temporarily exposed to view; or those where access to the public is not normally possible;

  • To provide house-owners and others who have an interest in and responsibility for ancient buildings with as great a knowledge as possible of the historic structure that concerns them, so that decisions affecting it may be made from an informed basis of historical facts;

  • Where appropriate, to become involved in campaigns to prevent unnecessary loss of our interesting houses and other buildings.
Kings Mills Farm

All Winter, Spring and Autumn meetings begin at 7.30p.m. and will be held at Candie Museum Lecture Theatre or in the adjoining Section Room. New members or visitors are always welcome to attend, but should contact John McCormack, the Section’s Secretary, on 720303, beforehand, in case of alterations or final instructions. An annual charge of £10 is due at the beginning of the year, payable by those who expect to attend regularly.

Historic Buildings Talk - Guernsey in the Mediterranean; Unexpected Comparisons Abroad" by John McCormack. Frossard Theatre, Candie.
Saturday 23rd February 19:30
All welcome.

Historic Buildings - An Evening Remembering Richard Shackle and his Channel Island Work . Venue to be
Saturday 9th March 19:30
All welcome

Historic Buildings Talk - "The Sourcing of Materials for Traditional Buildings" by John McCormack. Venue to be confirmed.
Saturday 23rd March 17:30
All welcome.

Historic Buildings Talk - "The Development if Channel Island Pigsties" by John McCormack. La Villette Hotel
Saturday 6th April 19:30
All welcome.

Family History Talk - "My Life at Grandes Rocques Hotel" by May Way
Wednesday 15th May 19:00
All welcome.

Historic Buildings Visit to Moore's Hotel, Machon's Jewellers and Benetton in Le Pollet.
Saturday 8th June 14:30
All welcome.

Historic Buildings Meeting - Looking back at this year's French trip with John McCormack. Frossard Thetare, Candie.
Saturday 28th September 19:30

Historic Buildings Talk - "Listing Buildings; it's Importance and Process" by Elaine Jordan
Saturday 12th October 19:30
All welcome

Historic Buildings Talk by Richard Hocart - subject to be decided
Saturday 9th November 19:30
All welcome.

Historic Buildings Talk - "The People Who Built the Houses - Two Case Studies" by John McCormack. Frossard Theatre, Candie.
Saturday 23rd November 19:30
All welcome

Historic Buildings Talk - "Dateable Features in Guernsey Houses" by John McCormack, Frossard Theatre, Candie.
Saturday 14th December 19:30
All welcome.


For further information about the section:-

a) Bailiwick residents may telephone the Section Secretary.

b) All other enquiries should be sent by post to:-

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Historic Buildings Section
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