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Affiliated Groups

Lé Coumité d'la Culture Guernésiaise

In May 2000, a committee calling itself La Fête d'la Vieille Langue Normande orgaised an event of language and culture. The members came from all the cultural groups in Guernsey and, because of its success, it was thought by many that a permanent committee should be created to continue the good work that had been achieved by the event.  At a meeting in September 2000, it was unanimously agreed by the Committee of "La Fête" to continue under a new name, "Le Coumité d'la Culture Guernesiaise". 

Rules (see below) were approved and officers were elected.

The officers are:
Chairman Mr W T Gallienne
Secretary Mrs H Tomlinson
Treasurer Mr P Le Lacheur
Committee members: Mrs A Le Cheminant
Mr J & Mrs A De Garis
Mrs C Lenormand
Mr L Le Tocq
Mr G & Mrs J Sampson
Dr H Tomlinson

The aims of the Committee are to promote the language and culture of the Island and the Bailiwick. We would wish to encourage a better understanding of our culture, and hopefully the teaching of our language in schools in a similar way to that in Jersey.

For further details please contact:

Bill Gallienne tel 265529
Hazel Tomlinson tel 255891

From the UK precede the telephone number by 01481; from other countries precede it by +44 1481.)

Rules of Le Coumité d'la Culture Guernesiaise

1.  The name of the Committee will be "Le Coumité d'la Culture Guernesiaise".

2.  The objects of the Committee will be:     
2.1  To promote, foster and encourage the language and culture of Guernsey and the Bailiwick.
2.2  To help organise events related to the language and culture from time to time, alone or together with other organisations in other Norman speaking areas.

3.  Administration

3.1  Management will be by Committee Members which will consist of the following members all acting in a honorary capacity.

     3.2  A Chairman / Chairwoman 
           A Secretary
           A Treasurer.

     3.3  And at least one member but not more that two from each participating organisations. Each member, before sitting on the Committee, shall be elected by their own organisation and then approved by the Committee.

     3.4  All members and officers shall he appointed for three years. They shall be eligible for re- election by their organisation and Committee (see 3.3).

     3.5  The Committee shall elect a Chairman / Chairwomen, a Secretary and a Treasurer for a term of three years.

     3.6  The Committee is empowered to co-opted members unto the Committee on a temporary basis.

     3.7  The Committee shall be empowered to form an ad-hoc-Committee or a Sub-Committee to undertake specific duties.

     3.8  The Committee have the right to change the rules at any time with the consent of two- thirds of the Committee Members present. 

4.  Committee funds

    4.1  The monies of the Committee shall be lodged or invested with a recognised Bank approved by the Committee. 
    4.2  All such monies shall be accounted for through the Treasurer, and the accounts of the Committee shall be audited annually. 

5. Meetings

    5.1  A quorum shall be constituted for a meeting by the presence of seven Members entitled to vote.

    5.2  A simple majority of those present will be sufficient for a proposal to be approved. The Chairman/women will have the casting vote only. Members will have one vote.

    5.3  An Annual Conference of members of participating organisations and the Committee will be held each year in October to discuss ideas for the Committee to consider. 

6.  Winding up of the Committee

    6.1  The Committee shall be wound up by the consent of two-thirds of the Committee Members present.

    6.2  In that event, the Committee funds, resources materials and any other assets shall be shared equally among all the groups represented at the time on the Committee.

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