How to make a donation

Members and others who wish to make a donation to La Société Guernesiaise can do so in any of the following ways:-

Online using your credit card or via Paypal
You may easily make a donation using a credit card via the donations box below. The payment will be processed by Paypal and your card details will not be seen or held by La Société.

By cash or cheque.

Cheques should be made payable to "La Société Guernesiaise" and sent to the Treasurer at the above address.

By Banker's Standing Order.

Download and print out the Standing Order form.

Complete it and sent it to the Treasurer of La Société at the above address. It will then be passed on to La Société’s bank for processing.

By Deed of Covenant.

Download and print out the Deed of Covenant form

If you pay Guernsey Income Tax and covenant to give a certain sum to La Société each year then, subject to certain conditions, you will not be charged tax on the amount covenanted. There is no tax benefit to La Société since it is a charity and does not pay tax anyway, but you benefit by not paying tax on the amount of the donation. The advantage for La Société is the certainty that the covenanted money will be paid during the covenant period.

There are certain conditions, the most important being that any covenant must be for a period greater than three years (ie a minimum of four years); it is not possible simply to make occasional gifts and claim the tax benefit. Furthermore, no such tax advantage is available to non-residents of the Bailiwick, so there is little point in entering into a covenant (although La Société would of course welcome regular donations from non-residents).

To make a donation by covenant you should download, print out and complete the Deed of Covenant and Standing Order forms and send both to the Treasurer of La Société at the above address. The Treasurer will send a copy of the Deed to the Administrator of Income Tax to show that a covenant has been made, and the Standing Order will be processed in the usual way. You must sign the Deed in the presence of one of the persons authorised to witness it (see note 4 at the foot of the form), and declare on your annual income tax return that a covenant has been made.

If you wish your donation to be applied to a specific purpose, please advise the Treasurer at the above address.

Legacies and donations in lieu of flowers
It is relatively simple to leave money to La Société in a will. All that is required is a codicil to a member's will, which can be arranged by an Advocate or Solicitor. Money or property can be left for general use, or, if desired, for a specific purpose.

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